Water Bacteria Test with E.coli detection


This easy-to-use water bacteria test, can be used to check the presence of coliform bacteria with simultaneous E.coli detection. Coliform bacteria are commonly used as a bacterial indicator of the sanitary quality of water. Some examples of coliform bacteria include E.coli, serratia, enterobacter, ctirobacter and klebsiella.

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Low detection level
  • Ideal for on-site and field testing
  • Ideal to test drinking water for bacteria due to its low detection level

Suitable for: fresh water samples, including water from tanks taps, wells, springs, boreholes, ponds as well as rain water.


Bacterial contamination may not be detected by taste, smell or sight. Floods, human or animal waste, like insects, rodents or animals entering a well can be a cause for bacteria. Public water supplies should be regularly tested, but contamination can also happen in the home, ie. in water tanks or bad plumbing. Private water supplies, like wells or springs, should be tested regularly.

Contaminated water may not smell or taste bad, but the presence of even small amounts of some kinds of bacteria can cause anything from upset stomachs to hospital visits. Some waterborne bacteria can even be fatal! Test your water for harmful bacteria with our simple do-it-yourself kit. The bacteria test kit detects total coliform (which is faecal bacteria for the most part) and is a presence/absence test of 1CFU per 100ml. Should the result be positive, then the presence of E.coli can be detected using a UV light*.

*a blacklight with a wavelength of 365 is recommended, ie. the NVF-4 blacklight

A positive result indicates that your water may be contaminated with bacteria that can be harmful to your health or cause disease. It is strongly recommended to investigate this further and avoid consuming the water during that time.

The kit contains: 1 bacteria test with 1 x coliform cult mug, instructions for use

Sensitivity: 1 colony per 100ml

Indicator: Presence / Absence

Test time: 24 hours to 48 hours (depending on the temperature at the time of test)

How to use (please refer to the product for detailed instructions):

  1. Fill a mug with 100ml of water sample to be tested and securely recap bottle.
  2. Shake the mug until all media is dissolved, the solution should be clear yellow.
  3. Incubate for 24 hours or 48 hours, depending on temperature.
  4. After incubation time, observe the colour of the sample: a. clear yellow = negative for coliforms; b. blue-green = positive for coliforms
  5. E.coli confirmation: shine a blacklight from the bottom of the sample: no fluorescence = negative for E.coli; blue fluorescence = positive for E.coli*
  6. Dispose of water sample safely

*a blacklight with a wavelength of 365 is recommended, ie. the NVF-4 blacklight.

Please note: Store in a cool, dry place (below 15-27°C) and away from excess heat and direct sunlight. No MSDS required. Keep away from children and pets. Avoid contact of test areas on strips with skin & eyes, do not ingest or expose to acids. Please read detailed instructions fully before use.

Please note: that this is a screening test and can not be used to certify water as safe or unsafe for drinking. This test kit provides approximate results ONLY when used in strict accordance with instructions. Safewater expressly disclaims any liability resulting from the use of this product, failure to follow instructions or reliance on test results. This is not a measuring instrument. Store in a cool, dry (15-27°C) place and away from excess heat and direct sunlight. Wash hands before and after use. Keep away from children and pets. Avoid contact of test areas on strips with skin & eyes, do not ingest or expose to acids. Dispose of used tests responsibly.

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